restaurant opens this summer

meaning; a focus on fresh, natural ingredients, emphasizing sustainability,
and sourcing ingredients locally or organically to reduce environmental impact.

the Philosophy

Our food philosophy, " locally sourced cuisine", is based on our chefs using seasonal ingredients and in close collaboration with local farmers and producers. This approach makes it possible to create dishes that harmonize beautifully with Thora Vineyard's own wines. In addition, we harvest herbs, vegetables, and flowers directly from our gardens. Chef Tobias Millqvist, in consultation with our sommelier, carefully develops each dish with Thora Vineyard’s wines always in mind. This commitment guarantees a uniquely memorable culinary experience.

flora team

With a variety of talents and expertise, we form a great team that shares a strong passion for fresh ingredients, good food, and great service. The beautiful and unique setting of Thora Vineyard inspires and enhances the teams’ creativity and happiness. Chef Tobias, renowned for his culinary expertise and leadership, is greatly valued and respected and will be leading the flora team. In the dining room, our experienced sommeliers are dedicated to ensuring your dining experience is exceptional, presenting exquisite dishes accompanied by specially selected beverages in the winery surroundings of flora's dining room

The Venue

On the beautiful Bjäre Peninsula, restaurant flora is situated overlooking the winery and the vineyard.  Its close proximity to both Båstad and Torekov makes it an ideal destination for excursions. Additionally, it is conveniently located just steps away from the Skåneleden trail, the fascinating Viking site of Gröthögarna, and the charming Norrebro harbor.

The butik

At our vineyard butik, we aim to provide a complete experience for wine enthusiasts. Serving as the initial stop, our butik offers wine tastings and guided tours. Whether you're joining us for a tour and tasting or indulging in the culinary delights of Restaurant flora, you're warmly welcomed as our guest.

Within our butik, you'll have the opportunity to sample our handcrafted Thora Vineyard wines, enjoy light snacks, and purchase items to savor at home, such as our exclusive vineyard honey, verjus, or flora salts.

functions & events

Restaurant flora extends its offerings far beyond mere dining experiences:

  • Engaging and informative vineyard and winery tours.
  • A diverse range of wine tastings to suit every palate.
  • Winemakers' dinners – an exclusive event showcasing the collaboration between the winemaker, sommelier, and chef.
  • Culinary workshops for groups of 10 or more, which can be paired with wine tastings or vineyard tours.
  • Exclusive use of the restaurant for private gatherings, with a seating capacity of around 50 guests.
  • Tailored conferences for executive teams, accommodating up to 16 attendees.
  • Innovative events featuring lunch or dinner in the unique setting of the winery's tank hall or harvest room.