Bjäre Peninsula is well known for its agricultural traditions, fertile land, and proximity to the sea and nature. The long Swedish summer days and sea breeze provide a unique environment for Thora Vineyard. Here the grapes grow ripe between May to late September, then hand-harvested, fermented, and aged on Swedish and French oak barrels and stainless steel tanks.

Winemaking is a handcraft from the vineyard to the bottle. The local production of Thoras' wines allows the winemakers to oversee and follow the journey from pruning, maturation, harvest, vinification, aging, and bottling. In addition, the knowledge exchange with the local community who have been farming for generations is essential to the Thora team. This community and nurturing approach is a vital factor for our wines.

Thora Vineyard cultivates and encourages a biodiversity approach. This approach allows our vineyard and the unique environment of Bjäre Peninsula to work in harmony, growing quality grapes while minimizing the usage of pesticides.

Community, curiosity and craftsmanship are the driving forces behind the creation of our wines.